Secret Achievements


Cheater: Read in the very first screen or in the “Did you know?”

Pillage The Pet: Throw your pet 1337 pixels up. How is up to you.

Knowledge: Read 2000 “Did you know?”s

Lost Again: Lose the game 50 times.

Still Worse?: Upgrade Idle Mode speed to 99.9%

Title Changer: How do you change your title?

Almost Missed: Save 100,000,000 Coins.

SHUT DOWN EVERYTHING!: Feed “President Madagascar”.

Support dragonewyn: Yes, because he’s amazing. Buy the Special Edition BG and click on the link, it supports him!

Walkthru’d: The code is 2sc90nr2.

Anti-Earthquake: Donate 6 cents to Haiti by playing.

Anti-Escaped: A background cover can help you.

PWNed: It’s clear enough.

Combo Waster: Use the ‘Combo Breaker’ skill in the Arena. But not just once.

Still Doing It?: Seriously, I thought you only did it for the achievements? Isn’t your finger tired?

Fake News?: Search for something in the shop.